How to Trade in Salmamarkets Completely

By | December 20, 2021

Salma Markets is one of the many trading sites in Indonesia. Currently, there are countless trading practices that use this site as an option. For those who have not used this site, please note that trading at Salmamarkets is relatively easy. The advantages are also many. So it won’t be too difficult to use.

In this discussion, various things will be explained about how to trade to the ease of transactions. For those who do not have an account, it is necessary to pay attention to each method for registration in detail. The following is an explanation that you need to know so that you can choose Salmamarkets without worrying and doubting anymore:

1. Complete the Requirements

To be able to trade at Salma Markets, of course, you have to register first. Before that, make sure to complete the required requirements. Later, the existing requirements will be used for the verification process. In addition, the existing requirements will also be used for sending funds and withdrawing funds.

There are two main requirements that must be met before registering, namely an ID card and an account number. The two things must be with the same personal name. So you can’t use the account number of your parents or other closest people. If you have these two things, you can proceed to the registration process.

2. Register

For those who already have an account with Salma Markets, then point one above and this advanced point do not need to be followed. However, for those who don’t have it, they must follow the discussion well. How to register can be done through two methods. The first is to use the Salma Markets website, and the second is to use the app.

These two methods are not much different. Just enter the site or application, then enter the “Instant Account Opening” menu. If a new page appears, just fill in all the data along with the required conditions. After everything is filled in, wait for the registration confirmation that comes in and just confirm it.

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