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By | December 20, 2021

The number of Indonesians who have joined as investors in the capital market is still very small. In other words, there are still many opportunities for many parties to attract potential investors here, including brokers or brokers. Some time ago, many Indonesian traders were discussing a new brokerage company, namely Trading Quotex.

Have you ever heard of this one broker? The following is a complete explanation of Quotex trading, user reviews, the legality of Quotex, how to register, to how to take advantage of a demo account from this broker.

What is Quotex trading

For those of you who like to trade, there is currently a new broker that you can consider, namely Trading Quotex. Quotex is a trademark of Awesome Ltd, a brokerage firm based in the Seychelles.

Quotex offers trading instruments with a binary options system. Binary options themselves are trading instruments that make traders have to predict the increase or decrease in asset prices within a certain period of time.

Even if you are used to regular forex trading, you should familiarize yourself with the new terms in this type of trading. For example, high or call when the price you expect to rise and low or put when the opposite situation.

The profit potential of this system is very large, which can reach 60%-90%. But of course this comes with a big risk as well. Not a few experts call trading with the binary options system a gamble because it uses the basis of speculation or luck.

However, if you are really interested in diversifying the types of trading instruments, there is nothing wrong with trying Quotex trading. Quotex provides a variety of products even up to 410 options. The four hundred more options include foreign currencies, crypto coins, stock exchange index-15, to precious metal commodities such as gold, silver and so on.

Review Quotex

Quotex was only official in November 2020 but has become the talk of many traders in Indonesia. Some traders consider the presence of Quotex trading very helpful for them to invest, but there are also the opposite.

Review Positif Trading Quotex

For traders who persist in using the Quotex website or app to trade, they have several reasons. First, the initial deposit value is relatively small, which is only 10 dollars. For new traders, the small deposit amount makes them dare to start investing with Quotex trading.

Second, there is a complete chart feature with a total of nine indicators and preferences. The user can also simplify the appearance by hiding some indicators that are not needed at that time.

Not only the completeness of indicators, the completeness of data that users can see with a timeframe of five seconds to one day makes many traders addicted to using Quotex trading. Traders find this feature helpful.

Furthermore, by using Quotex, users or traders really like the duplication feature. This feature allows traders to duplicate proven successful trader strategies with just one click. So this will make predictions easier and increase the chances of winning.

In addition, the advantage of Quotex if you want to compare with other broker applications or websites is the Indonesian language option. Not many brokers have provided Indonesian as one of their service languages. So usually traders from Indonesia have to use English when analyzing data and so on.

Indonesian is not only the language on websites and applications, but also customer service. So when you find a problem, it will be very easy for Indonesian traders to solve it.

Review Negatif Trading Quotex

The rise of Quotex trading in Indonesia cannot be separated from the negative experiences of its users. This is because binary options in trading are indeed quite different from regular trading investments or investments in general.

Because it adheres to the binary system, not a few traders experience big losses. The way binary options work only limits the two possibilities that occur to traders, namely profit or money runs out.

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