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Chris Riley Contributing Journalist News Community Newspapers 7 Jun 2007 • 3 min read 0 Comments In the show the 20-something brothers travel the highways and byways of North America in search of their missing father. Along the way they encounter various evil spirits with which they do battle. It's kind of a family tradition.

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The Supernatural Impala Is Its Own Character Remember Knight Rider? Eric Kripke sure does. In the show, David Hasselhoff's character drove a 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am conversion known as KITT, who was as much of a main character as The Hoff himself. When the show was originally pitched to The CW network, the idea of a car as a character stuck.

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Dean's 1967 Chevrolet Impala, more affectionately known as 'Baby,' is one of the most iconic aspects of the show and is Sam and Dean's home for most of the show. It plays a colossal role in the fifteen seasons of the show and is either the setting or subject of some incredibly emotional moments. John Gets Convinced To Buy Baby

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The C9 Callaway Impala SS (aka Callaway Supernatural Impala SS) had the same 6.3-liter Supernatural V8 as Callaway's 1992-1996 Corvettes. The naturally aspirated Supernatural 6.3-liter started in life as a stock 5.7-liter LT1. Callaway then bore the block to 6.3-liter, reshaped combustion, polished intake and exhaust ports, added bigger valves.


It's one thing to have one car last the show's entire 15-year run, but it's another thing completely to have just Supernatural 1967 Chevrolet Impala to use in the filming of the show's entire.

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When creating Supernatural, Eric Kripke wanted the brothers to use a particular car as a homage to his favorite show as a kid: Knight Rider. The idea of a specialized car used to battle evil appealed to Kripke, so did his best to deck out the Impala like a cool fighting car.

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There appears to be a Supernatural reason that the 1967 Chevrolet Impala has become the most searched for vehicle on ClassicCars.com. Seemingly month in and month out, the most searched for car on the ClassicCars.com marketplace has been the 1967 Ford Mustang. But starting in August, the Mustang was passed by the '67 Impala.

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The Chevy Impala. The Impala is a model of full-sized car developed and manufactured by the Chevrolet company. Chevrolet produced Impalas from 1958 to 1985, then from the 1994 to 1996, before finally reviving it completely and making it a permanent member of their product line starting in 2000. The Impala is Chevrolet's flagship passenger car.

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2 Car Facts 3 Nicknames 4 Significant Impala episodes 4.1 Supernatural 4.2 The Winchesters 5 Who drives the Impala? 6 Imposter!Impalas 7 Origins Comics Controversy 8 The Impala in Fandom 9 Legends of Tomorrow appearance 10 External links 11 References History The Impala being constructed.

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New big bads pop up regularly, allies become foes, and life is generally unpredictable for Sam and Dean Winchester ( Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles ). But one thing stays the same: the 1967.

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Across Supernatural's 15 seasons, the Chevy Impala played one of the biggest characters, and the episode "Baby" proved it was more than just a car.

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5,041 Explore Supernatural The Winchesters The World Community in: Objects, Transports, Vessels English The Impala Edit The Impala Seasons All Seasons, The Winchesters Created by Chevrolet Use Transportation Storage Home Powers Capable of killing the Akrida and Joan Hopkins Location / Status Unknown

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This is a clip from the episode "Bloodlust" of the CW series "Supernatural"'67 Chevy Impala has been fixed and is better than ever!Watch Supernatural Thursda.

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On the show, the car's specs are described as being similar to those of a '67 Chevy Impala Sport Sedan. This means it would've been equipped with a 327 V8 Turbo-Fire engine with 275 horsepower. However, in reality, TireBuyer claims the show's flagship car ran on a 502-cubic-inch big-block V8.

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Published Nov 15, 2019. The 1967 Chevy Impala, affectionately known as Baby by Dean, is a character in her own right. Here are her 10 most iconic moments on Supernatural. The 1967 Chevy Impala, affectionately known as Baby by Dean and dubbed Metallicar by fans of the early seasons, has been a character all on its own in Supernatural.

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The basic premise revolved around two brothers (Sam and Dean Winchester) who were on a perpetual road trip to battle unspeakable evil forces. 'I'm a huge fan of road trip TV shows and the unspeakable evil part was a bonus, but the icing on the cake was their car.' They drove a '67 Impala.