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AWS Sled History. Jump to Latest. Here is what I came up wth for a list of sleds and their front suspension set ups for each of the 7 versions of the AWS chassis (I was bored this weekend). The only years I have questions on was the 92-94 wildcat.. 1993 Arctic Cat 1993 440ZR (0650-247-1993) SNOWMOBILE SKI AND FRONT SUSPENSION. Attachments.

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Arctic Cat put all its chips in the pot and called it this year.. Last year's M-Series chassis is history. Replacing it is the all-new ProClimb chassis, which shares the same core chassis as the ProCross chassis, found on Cat's 2012 short track performance sleds. Both chassis are derived from Cat's race-bred and proven race chassis, which.

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January 24, 2023 By John Prusak; Action photos by Tristin Ironi Moments ago, we completed our first ride on snowmobiles in Arctic Cat's new Catalyst chassis platform, and we walked away very impressed - and also bummed that they aren't letting us take one of these pre-production machines home with us.

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#1 · Mar 24, 2010 Here is my list for the important, rare, and coveted Arctic Cat production sleds from their first 20 years. Some in the list are rare, some are important, some are of course coveted and a few of these are all three.

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As virtually all Arctic Cat enthusiasts know, Arctic Cat's parent company went bankrupt in the early 1980s. If not for a dedicated group of ex-Arctic Cat employees, The Cat would have died nearly three decades ago. And, then there would have been only three sled makers - Ski-Doo, Yamaha and Polaris.

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The new triple was also introduced in a new chassis with trailing arm IFS. Arctic Cat one-upped everyone with their 900cc Thunder Cat triple. The reed valve induction engine used 38mm Mikuni carbs and came with triple pipes. The unique feature of the motor was a balance shaft used to cancel vibrations from the 76.5mm diameter pistons.

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1931 - Emmitt M. Tucker Sr. develops a machine that would later become known as the Tucker SNO-Cat, laying the groundwork for today's trail groomers. 1931 - [Snow Bike] Italy's semi-tracked Tractor Cycle motorcycle is featured in Popular Science magazine. 1937 - Joseph-Armand Bombardier receives a patent for his first tracked vehicle.

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Indeed, it had been a dozen years since the ProCross and ProClimb (or Ascender) chassis was introduced. In 2012, Arctic Cat celebrated its 50th anniversary by migrating almost its entire fleet to these platforms. For 2024, the Thief River Falls-based manufacturer has limited the use of the Catalyst chassis to a few models.

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8 3360 One of the things I've always loved about Arctic Cat is the brand's brazen spirit to build some of the fastest snowmobiles, and then to celebrate it. From Boss Cat to Thundercat, there's a long and powerful history of fast, badass snowmobiles and to-the-point advertising that talked about it.

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Next, another 1982 Arctic Cat Puma. As found in hiding: After it's bath: This is a special one to say the least. Of the 4 1982 Puma's recently accounted for, this one is different on many accounts. A few Notes: - Jackshaft (All of the other Puma's recently accounted for are direct drive) - Overall hood design/Offset headlight.

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#2 · Nov 1, 2008 I don't know if it's totally accurate or not, but I see HiPerf lists them out here and there. If you click on that link it will give you a list of Chassis' (from all brands).


These initial models were built on the AWS3 chassis, which had been introduced by Arctic Cat for select 1992 models. In 1996, the 900 was upgraded to the AWS4 chassis. Thundercat 1000 (1998-2002) In 1998, in an effort to maintain dominance in the Musclesled category, the Thundercat displacement was increased to the 999cc.

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Later, after three years of development, staff in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, introduced what one snowmobile commentator of the day described as, "the most obscenely powerful sled ever - the 1988 Arctic Cat Wildcat 650." Promoted by Arctic as "possibly the fastest snowmobile on earth," the Wildcat was powered by an all-new Suzuki liquid-cooled twin that vibrated at idle like a.

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History Arctic Cat was formed by snowmobile pioneer Edgar Hetteen in 1960 [2] due to his departure from his previous self-started business, Polaris Industries. Like Polaris, Arctic Cat grew to become a major manufacturer of snowmobiles, watercraft, winter clothing, and all-terrain vehicles (ATV's). [3]

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For Arctic Cat, the 2007 M8 is the latest generation of evolved snowmobile technology that can be traced back to the mid 1950s in northern Minnesota. But that traces only the roots of the snowmobile, not the mountain sled. The big difference, explains Joel Hallstrom, snowmobile product manager for Arctic Cat, is that while Cat had been.

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Per Arctic Cat and compared to the Suzuki mill, "The new 800 has a 36-percent increase in low-end torque (less than 5000 RPM), an 18-percent increase in mid-range torque (5000-6000 RPM) and 30 percent reduced oil consumption below 7000 RPM.". TEAM Rapid Response II with ADAPT on ZRs.