Kupci odlučili Audi, BMW i Mercedes nisu više u prvih 10 automobilskih brendova

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The gap in market share between BMW and Audi has declined slightly from 9.5 to 8.8 percentage points, but the difference between Mercedes-Benz and Audi has grown from 8.4 points to 8.6 points. Looking at the premium segments, Audi has made tremendous progress with the Q5 in the growing compact premium crossover segment.

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Compared to the Q5, the Mercedes-Benz GLB has a lower starting price and an optional third row. The pricier Mercedes-Benz GLC is similar in size to the GLB and offers many of the same benefits but delivers livelier performance. The Audi Q3 and Mercedes-Benz GLA are closely matched among luxury subcompact SUVs.

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Many Audi models, such as the A3 and A6, get the five-star Euro NCAP rating but they generally sit below BMW and Mercedes when it comes to reliability. BMW models usually get high safety ratings and receive positive reviews from drivers. Models like the BMW 3 Series and X5 get that full five-star NCAP rating.

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According to the results of the research on vehicle dependability that Consumer Reports conducted for 2022, the Audi brand came in at number fifteen, ranking higher than both BMW and Mercedes-Benz. BMW is now ranked #17, two spots below Audi, while Mercedes-Benz has slid to #23. Audi comes out on top as the brand you can rely on the most to.

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Audi came 23rd out of 29 manufacturers in our 2021 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey, being beaten by both BMW and Mercedes. Audi's three-year/60,000-mile warranty is average but is less.

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How things change. BMW and Mercedes each sold more cars than Chrysler in the U.S. in 2014, and Audi is now a real player in the market, with sales up more than 15 percent in 2014 over 2013 (though.

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2021 Mercedes-AMG E63 S Keeps Power, Adds Comfort. The GT63 tops the list in both power and cost, with 630 horsepower and—prepare the smelling salts—a $199,910 as-tested price. Comparatively.

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Our graphic shows that Mercedes-Benz is the overwhelming victor whenever it relates to price, coming in 24 percentage points fewer than Audi and 20 percentage points cheaper than BMW. Whenever pitted against each other, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the Audi A4, the Audi A4 is much higher costly, by 39 percent.

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Mercedes-Benz vs. Audi. CLA vs. Audi A3: Although both the 2021 CLA and 2022 A3 are equipped with a 2.0L turbo 4-cylinder, the CLA generates 221 hp vs. the 201 hp of the Audi A3. If you're looking for more speed and power, the CLA will leave the new A3 in the dust. C-Class vs. Audi A4: Match these Mercedes-Benz vs. Audi sedans and you'll see that both are powered by a 2.0L 4-cylinder.

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Audi Vs. Mercedes: Test Drive Competition. A test run with active traffic on paved roads of Indianapolis will only reinforce the brand's reputation: BMW behaves aggressively and has a harsh suspension, which behaves unusually at low speed, but copes well at high speed. Mercedes-Benz slowly floats.

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Audi is ranked 34 out of 40. The same trend is seen in the actual reliability indexes, Mercedes-Benz has an index of 173, BMW is rated at 177, and Audi at 195. Overall costs of repair do affect the reliability of a car. In terms of costs, Mercedes-Benz is the cheapest to maintain (£563) at position 29 out of 40.

Kupci odlučili Audi, BMW i Mercedes nisu više u prvih 10 automobilskih brendova

With the RS 2 model back in 1994, co-developed with Porsche, Audi also kickstarted the high-performance family car segment, which was soon followed by BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Modern performance models use the "S" and "RS" prefix and are available with almost all body sizes from the S1 to the RS 7. As their slogan suggests, Audi focuses.

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A: Mercedes-Benz tends to have a slightly higher resale value compared to BMW and Audi, primarily due to its reputation for timeless design and enduring appeal. In conclusion, choosing between BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi ultimately boils down to personal preferences. Each brand offers a unique blend of luxury, performance, and advanced technology.

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Conclusion: BMW Vs. Mercedes Vs. Audi. If you are looking for a fun and exciting driving experience, your best choice is BMW. But if power is more important to you, along with speed and safety, your way to go is Mercedes. And if you are looking for a luxurious car with good looks, Audi is your best bet. These German-made cars offer the best.


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The Benz has an edge here, with its base S500 model's hybrid-assisted 3.0-liter inline-six making 429 horsepower and 384 lb-ft of torque, significantly more power than the Audi and BMW, which both.