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For years the Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette owned the World Record as the fastest street-driven car in the world. It set the record on October 26, 1988, when John Lingenfelter drove it to an incredible 254.76 MPH at the Transportation Research Center (TRC) in Ohio. The Transportation Research Center (TRC) is North America's largest multi.

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Take a step back into Corvette's glorious past with this 1988 Twin Turbo Callaway Corvette convertible being offered on Bring a Trailer . With five days left in the auction, the current bid is just $15,250 - quite a ways from the roughly $60,000 price tag the car carried when new.

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1 of 1 Automatics Built in 1988! CALLAWAY 1988 Twin Turbo Corvette This Callaway Corvette started with an order that was placed by the original owner on January 18, 1988. The order was placed with "Z" Frank Chevrolet 6060 North Western Avenue, Chicago Illinois.

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1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette This Sledgehammer reached 254.76 mph at the Transportation Research Center (TRC) in Ohio and became the world's fastest street-legal car for some time. It was built up by Reeves Callaway in Connecticut as an example of what was possible with the new ZR1 and and turbocharging its LT5 engine.

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Back in 1988, the Callaway team set out on Project Sledgehammer with the goal of pushing the C4 Corvette platform to its absolute limit in order to create the most uncompromised roadgoing.

1988 Callaway Corvette Convertible

Reaching for the ultimate in bragging rights, in 1988 Callaway would produce the 898-hp Sledgehammer, an extroverted AeroBody edition of the car designed to deliver an eye-watering 254.76 miles per hour at the top end while remaining completely streetable (a Corvette speed record it held until 1999). 1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Mecum

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1988 Callaway Corvette Convertible

1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette - Street Muscle + Controlled Demolition: The 1988 Sledgehammer Corvette By Andrew Nussbaum August 14, 2023 Since its earliest days, America's sportscar, the Corvette, has been the template for countless hot rodders and high-performance gurus wanting to push the envelope of what a vehicle can do.

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Putting The World On Notice. On October 19th 1988, the Sledgehammer Corvette set off on its journey from Callaway's shop in Old Lyme, CT to the Transportation Research Center in East Liberty, Ohio for its high speed trial, a trek of approximately 700 miles. The engineering required to reach Callaway's goal was truly remarkable in its day, and.

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This 1988 Corvette is reportedly car no. 12 of just 125 twin-turbo models produced by Callaway that year. The twin-turbocharged 5.7-liter V8 engine features a TPiS camshaft, larger fuel-injectors, a ported intake and an aluminum radiator. The car also received a new, custom exhaust system that was installed earlier this year.

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In October 1988, the Corvette was driven roughly 700 miles from the Callaway headquarters in CT to the Transportation Research Center located on the outskirts of East Liberty, Ohio. Once at the 7.5-mile track, John Lingenfelter piloted the Corvette to 254.76 mph - securing a world record.

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This Callaway Corvette convertible is #91 of just 125 twin-turbo models produced by the Callaway company in 1988. While not the "Sledgehammer" edition Corvette developed by Reeves Callaway for the 1988 model year, this Corvette is equipped with the same twin-turbocharged 5.7 liter L98 V8 engine.

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Enter the Sledgehammer, an 880-hp monster that would earn the title of fastest street-legal Corvette in 1988 and retain the crown for eleven years. #51 is the one-off, 255-mph king of Callaway, and it's up for sale right now on Bring a Trailer. Bring a Trailer

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1988 Corvette Main Specs Note: For Callaway Twin-Turbo, Chevrolet engine coding was replaced as follows: First two digits for year, next three digits for Callaway sequence, last four digits to match the last four digits of the vehicle identification number. 1988 Corvette Wheels, Suspension & Brakes Suspension (Coupe/Convertible)

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Reeve's son Pete Callaway is now leading the company and he joins your host Steve Garrett on CORVETTE TODAY for his first sit-down on the popular weekly podcast to talk about his background and the future for Callaway Cars. In July of 2023, the Corvette world and the automotive industry lost a true legend…Reeves Callaway passed away.