Waze Audio not Working? Try these 4 Simple Solutions

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1. Make sure that the sound is On Open the Waze app, tap on Settings, then access the Voice & sound menu. Now, make sure that the Sounds are set to On. Some of our readers also said that they managed to fix the problem just by turning the sound Off and then On again after a few seconds. 2. Unmute Waze during calls Open the Waze app on your phone.

Waze audio not working? Try these 4 simple solutions

1. Check the sound output Restart your phone once before trying any other solutions listed in this article. If that does not work, follow these steps. Waze has multiple sound output options. You can play the audio output through your phone's speakers or connected Bluetooth device. Launch the Waze app on your smartphone.

Waze Audio not Working? Try these 4 Simple Solutions

Waze audio not working: best ways to fix it MyGPSTools 409 subscribers Subscribe 2 1.2K views 5 months ago I've compiled the most common reasons why the app loses sound, the sound level.

Risolto il problema con il suono Waze che non funziona su Android ⋆

I could not get any sound or audio from Waze when my Android phone was in the car (2012 BMW). The best solution for me (good but not perfect or permanent) i.

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Reboot your device. Regardless of your Waze problem, a restart is easy to do and often a fix for unexplained tech troubles. Restarting works the same way between devices: Android [ How to Restart an Android Device ], iPhone [ How to Restart an iPhone ], or iPad [ How to Restart an iPad ].

Waze Bluetooth not Working? Try These Solutions

1. General tips Make sure that your sound is turned on. Go to Waze > Settings > Voice & sound > Sounds > choose Alerts only or On. Raise the volume level in the app. Check if you have a Waze voice selected. Close and then restart the Waze app. Additionally, you can also restart your device.

Top 8 Ways to Fix Waze Not Working on Android Auto Guiding Tech

Solution 1: Check GPS As mentioned above, Waze is a GPS-based application hence it is critical to make sure that your GPS works properly. You can fix Waze not working with the help of some GPS testing tools. Step 1. Open Play Store and type GPS test. Step 2. Choose a top-ranked one. Step 3. Download and install it. Step 4.

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The problem So what's happening right now is as simple as it could be: after installing the latest Waze update, the application takes over the entire audio in the car, therefore making it.

How to Resolve Waze Sound Not Working Issue Easily

1 reply Sort By: Lindsay_B. Community Specialist Sep 17, 2021 12:09 PM in response to shuhada256 Hey there, shuhada256, We glad you stopped by the Apple Support Communities today. It looks like you are having trouble with audio in the third party app, Waze. We're happy to assist!

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In the Waze app Open Waze Tap Tap Settings Tap Voice and sound Make sure "Sounds" is turned on On your phone Open the Settings app In the search bar, type "App permissions" and tap the result.

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Posts: 1 Re: No sound on my Waze app by dockpilot Wed Aug 12, 2015 1:59 am Wilddaisy123 wrote: about a week ago, I noticed that I no longer have any sound on my Waze. No turn directions, no pings for alerts, nothing.

How to Resolve Waze Sound Not Working Issue Easily

Why is Waze Sound not Working on iPhone? Causes and Fixes October 27, 2023 by Julia Nahian Waze is a popular navigation app that is used by millions of people around the world. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms and offers a range of features to make navigation easier and more efficient.

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Method 1. Check the iOS sound settings Method 2. Driving, Do Not Disturb or Battery Saving Mode Method 3. Headphone or headset connected to phone Method 4. Incorrect sound settings in Waze Method 5. Change the volume in Waze Method 6. iOS doesn't work properly Method 7. Turning on voice directions FAQ Why does Waze not sync with CarPlay?

Why is Waze Sound not Working on iPhone? Causes and Fixes

Waze Sound Not Working. If Waze sound not working, then you can use the following tips and tricks to fix the issue, immediately. 1. Check or Change the Volume in Waze. You need to turn up the volume both on your iPhone and the Waze app. Launch the Waze app and go to 'Settings'. Now, just adjust the slider beside the 'App Volume' option.

Risolto il problema con il suono Waze che non funziona su Android ⋆

Method 1: Verify Waze Server Status Waze sound not working is common to experience if Waze servers are down. Therefore, the first method to resolve this issue covers checking Waze servers to know if there are technical issues from the service provider's end.

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Step 1: Clear your cache Open Waze In the search bar, enter ##@cctts (all lower case) Tap the search icon on your device's keyboard Step 2: Reset your voice settings Open Waze Tap Tap Settings.