Nissan Sakura Specifications, Range and price EVMagz

日産 リーフe+のパワートレインを展示 日産ギャラリーフォトギャラリー

Nissan Sakura 20 kWh (64 Hp) BEV 2022, 2023, 2024 Specs; General information; Brand: Nissan: Model : Sakura: Generation : Sakura: Modification (Engine) 20 kWh (64 Hp) BEV :. Gross battery capacity : 20 kWh : Battery voltage : 350 V : Battery technology : Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) Battery location : Below the floor : All-electric range (WLTC)

Nissan Sakura Specifications, Range and price EVMagz

Nissan debuts Sakura kei car EV with 112 miles of range, and a starting price just below $14,000 in Japan.. with its 20.0-kWh battery giving it a range of 112 miles in the the country's WLTC.

The Nissan Sakura Is The Perfect Electric Kei Car For Your City Commute

The Nissan Sakura is a 4-door body type, so it looks more mature than most others in its class. The battery is paired with a single electric motor that can make 63 horsepower and 144 lb-ft of torque. Its 2,359 lightweight allows it to achieve 80 mph.

【日産 サクラ】軽自動車の常識を変える!?「軽EV」は日本に電動“花”を咲かせるか レスポンス(

Nissan Sakura debuts - brand's first kei EV has a 20 kWh battery, 180 km of range, 64 PS; priced fr RM61k Posted in Cars , International News , Nissan / By Gerard Lye / May 20 2022 6:12 pm

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The Nissan Sakura (Japanese: 日産・サクラ) is a battery electric kei car marketed by Nissan and produced by NMKV.Named after the national flower of Japan, it was introduced on 20 May 2022 as the first battery electric kei car from Nissan.It is developed and manufactured alongside the Mitsubishi eK X EV, which shares the same body with the petrol-powered eK X. Its design was previewed by.

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Nissan Sakura Is a Cute Electric Runabout for Japan, Priced under $14,000 The Sakura fits into Japan's kei-car class, and its 20.0-kWh battery provides a claimed 112 miles of range for the tiny.

Demand for the electric Nissan Sakura exceeded all expectations — SUNDRIES

Both minicars are powered by a 20 kWh lithium-ion battery that enables a driving range of 111 miles on Japan's WLTC test cycle.. the Nissan Sakura and Mitsubishi eK X EV are similarly priced.

Nissan introduces the Sakura, its first electric kei car Torque

With 63 horsepower it's far from the most potent EV we've seen; even the cheapest Nissan Leaf in the US offers 147 hp. Top speed is limited to around 80 mph. Actually driving the Sakura belies the.

Nissan’s Japanonly Sakura is an £11k allelectric kei car for the masses Top Gear

News Releases. 2022/05/20. Nissan unveils all-new, all-electric minivehicle in Japan. Following the Nissan LEAF and Ariya, the all-new, 100% electric "Nissan Sakura" is a game changer in the minivehicle (K-Car) market.

2023 Nissan Sakura Will Steal City Dwellers' Hearts autoevolution

Its lithium-ion battery pack's capacity is just 20 kilowatt-hours, far off from the first-gen Leaf's 80-kWh pack, but the Sakura's 112-mile range is better than the original Leaf's range figures.

The Nissan Sakura Is The Perfect Electric Kei Car For Your City Commute

I drove Japan's Nissan Sakura EV and found it nails the minimalist, affordable electric template.. The Sakura's battery 20-kilowatt-hour battery pack is just 4 kWh bigger than the old i-MiEV.

Nissan Sakura and Mitsubishi eK X unveiled electric kei cars from Japan ArenaEV

Nissan Motor's EV model Sakura is charged at a charging station in Yokohama, Japan, Nov. 3, 2023.. The collaboration could potentially extend to battery procurement and joint development of.

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Powering this micromachine is a 20kWh battery, providing up to 47kW to the two-wheel drive setup. This translates to a top-speed of approximately 180 km/h (~80 mph). Due to the smaller battery capacity, the Sakura is estimated at traveling up to 111-miles on a full charge.. The Nissan Sakura will launch with a starting price of 2,399,100 yen.

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Nissan said Sakura's speed can be modulated using just the accelerator pedal.. the battery is compact, allowing the Sakura to have a spacious interior. It claims to offer a range of up to 180 km.

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May 20, 2022. YOKOHAMA, Japan - Nissan today unveiled the all-new Sakura electric minivehicle in Japan. Sales of the newest addition to Nissan's EV lineup are scheduled to start in the market this summer. Nissan Sakura EV. Named after the iconic Japanese cherry blossom, the Sakura's affordable price provides more consumer choice in the EV market.

Nissan introduces the Sakura, its first electric kei car Torque

2024 Nissan Sakura EV - Tokyo. At just 133.7 inches long, 58.1 inches wide, and 65.2 inches tall, and riding on a 98.2-inch wheelbase, the Sakura has a form that's about as foreign to Americans.