Most Unusual Steering Wheels Ever Made CarBuzz

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A steering wheel (also called a driving wheel, a hand wheel, or simply wheel) is a type of steering control in vehicles . Steering wheels are used in most modern land vehicles, including all mass-production automobiles, buses, light and heavy trucks, as well as tractors.

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Torchlopnik These Are The Reasons Why Citroën Used That Weird One-Spoke Steering Wheel It's one of the most-recognized details of this already legendary car, but why was it like that? By Jason.

Most Unusual Steering Wheels Ever Made CarBuzz

1. Single-Spoke Steering Wheels The crossbars connecting the steering wheel's outer rim to the steering column are called spokes. One of the more unusual steering wheel designs is a single spoke connecting the steering wheel to the central steering column.

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Single-Spoke Steering Wheels. A type you don't often come across is the single-spoke steering wheel. They were popular a long time ago. A French company Citroen introduced them to the world in 1974. This design was innovative at the time because it was developed as a safety feature - in case of a crash, it would minimize the driver's.

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For the Bertone Lamborghini Athon (pick #11) not only is there a a Citroën-esque single spoke leather-clad steering wheel but the switch pod protruding from the dash to the left of the steering wheel contains a switch assortment that appears to be a subtle re-packaging of the two switch pods found in the Citroën CX.

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The DS21 had one of the coolest steering wheels around, taking the DS's standard single-spoke steering wheel and adding a touch of extra class with the portal-like center opening, gloss.

Most Unusual Steering Wheels Ever Made CarBuzz

BMW puts all of the controls on the two horizontal spokes on the X5 M and leaves room to wrap your thumbs in. The general rule is, when off-roading, keep your thumbs out. If a tire hits a rock, it.

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Another innovative design was the single-spoke found on one of the most innovative cars of all time, the Citroen DS which was produced from 1955 to 1975. Its futuristic exterior was.


Single-Spoke Steering Wheel Double-Spoke Steering Wheel Dual-spoke steering wheels have two bars connecting the outer rim to the steering column. These spokes can be aligned straight across or angled for a stylish appearance. Often, they feature a chromed metal horn ring that is pressed to activate the car's horn.

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The single-spoke steering wheel was a trailblazer and had not been seen before. It had an iconic design that would later become a trademark for many years with a range of models. The Citroën evolved from its single-spoke wheel design to an extreme central driver seat concept. Karin, alongside Bertone, ensured to ape the design of the steering.

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The single-spoke steering wheel is a unique and eye-catching option that stands out from the crowd. It features a single, centrally positioned spoke that extends from the center hub to the rim of the wheel. This type of steering wheel is often associated with high-performance and racing cars,.

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As revolutionary as the car it steered at its launch in October 1955, the single-spoke steering wheel of the landmark Citroën DS had not been seen before. This iconic design became a distinct Citroën trademark for many years to follow, with variants fitted to most models, as diverse as the 2CV, Ami, GS, SM and CX.

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By Justin Owen / Dec. 3, 2023 1:30 pm EST In every car built — excluding a few experimental concepts — a steering wheel is present and integral to the vehicle's operation. It is such an.

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What's So Ingenious About a Single-Spoke Steering Wheel? | ViaRETRO But the odd steering wheel has become one of the DS's (many) defining design characteristics.